He Caught Chickenpox, And That's When He Finally Realized It

"Success never seemed so much an opportunity but an obligation," he says. His message is profound.


Sometimes, insecurities run deep.

When we're kids, we can reinvent ourselves as superheroes. We can don a cape and take over the world.

But under the cape...

The insecurities are still there. "Oh, you're so lucky." "Oh you're so smart." "Oh, you'll make so much money one day." And then one day, you feel it: failure is not an option.

Where do we find the strength to be ourselves?

How do we become comfortable with who we are, even when it might look like failure to other people?

How do we value our vision?

Maybe figuring out how to value our own vision is sort of like donning that cape again. We need to be powerful and embrace who we are, even when the rest of the world can't see it.

Hear Clint's inspiring words: