A fan called her ugly and fat. Her response made me laugh out loud.

Think it'sjust Hollywood bigwigs that make women feel insecure abouttheir bodies? Yep, I'm sure they play a significant role.But what about us? A few actresses chat about how fans and critics sometimes hurt them the most.

The full interview is an interesting watch if you have the time, but from 16:08 to 18:17, Mindy Kaling responds in great style to this question:

"Obviously all of you have to deal with fans and media on a regular basis. ... What is the most consistently asinine or idiotic question or topic that people want to engage you to talk about?"

No hesitation, the comedian supplies a zinger: "You're so ugly and fat; it's so refreshing to us." Sound unbelievable? Watch the clip to find out Mindy's way of handling these kinds of thoughtless remarks: