What Would You Say To Your Son If He Came Home With Nail Polish On?

Have you ever felt embarrassed, uncomfortable, or even scared of being yourself? You're not alone — millions of other people, especially those in the LGBTQQ community (including me) have felt this way too. In this clip from the "The Fosters," Lena finds Jude taking off his nail polish after being bullied about it at school. From the floor of the bathroom, she opens up about her own experience as a gay woman, and her words are a reminder of the power we all have over shame.

What Would You Say To Your Son If He Came Home With Nail Polish On?

This article originally appeared on 04.13.18

Teens have a knack for coming up with clever ways to rage against the system.

When I was in high school, the most notorious urban legend whispered about in hallways and at parties went like this: A teacher told his class that they were allowed to put "anything" on a notecard to assist them during a science test. Supposedly, one of his students arrived on test day with a grown adult at his side — a college chemistry major, who proceeded to stand on the notecard and give him answers. The teacher was apparently so impressed by the student's cunning that he gave him a high score, then canceled class for the rest of the week because he was in such a good mood.

Of course, I didn't know anyone who'd ever actually try such a thing. Why ruin a good story with reality — that pulling this kind of trick would probably earn you detention?

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