We Know How Much Teens Love Selfies, But There's A Certain Type They Shouldn't Take

Selfies are one thing. Texting naked or semi-naked selfies is another. Even if your son or daughter isn't sending sexually suggestive messages or pictures, there's a pretty good chance they've received one. For a while, everyone was talking about kids and sexting, and then I think we sort of got used to the discussions ... and maybe even became desensitized to sexting. Let's not do that — because sexting has real-life consequences. Make sure your teens know what to do if they receive an inappropriate photo or text. Forwarding it or sharing with friends is not OK. Kids need to be able to safely talk to you about it so you can help stop it.

Get Shift Done

Shkoryah Carthen has spent half of her life working in the service industry. While the 32-year old restaurant worker quickly sensed that Covid-19 would bring real change to her daily life, Carthen hardly knew just how strongly it would impact her livelihood.

"The biggest challenge for me during this time, honestly is just to stay afloat," Carthen said.

Upon learning the Dallas restaurant she worked for would close indefinitely, Carthen feared its doors may never reopen.

Soon after, Carthen learned that The Wilkinson Center was desperately looking for workers to create and distribute meals for those in need in their community. The next day, Carthen was at the food pantry restocking shelves and creating relief boxes filled with essentials like canned foods, baby formula and cleaning products. In addition to feeding families throughout the area, this work ensured Carthen the opportunity to provide food for her own.

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