These Hilariously Witty Comebacks To Sexist Comments Are Perfect

If you are a living, breathing female of the human species, you have probably (regrettably) experienced some kind of sexual harassment or sexism in your life. Those catcalls, cars honking, and "jokey" one-liners are all a little bit too ... well, how can I put it ... creepy. The Everyday Sexism Project knows that when it happens to us — and men, too — we feel a mix of fear, shame, and shock, and they also know that it's not a victim's duty or responsibility to shout back. But what about the times where you wish you had an "oooohh you need ice for that burn!" comeback? They asked their Twitter followers for their best comebacks to those moments where you wish you could fire off a witty reply.

What's that? I can't hear you over all of the ovaries cheering.

Responses came from men, too:

Having a vagina doesn't stop her from thinking her balls are bigger than yours.

You know who doesn't give a damn? That girl ^

Wait, wait come back guy! You forgot your bullshit!

French burn!

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