It may surprise you to learn that 50 years after the civil rights movement, millions of Americans still don't have equal rights.

These Americans are from places that lots of people don't even know are part of the U.S. Places like Puerto Rico, and Guam, and American Samoa.

Many of these territories have been under American control since the Spanish-American War, which was over 100 years ago. And yet, the people that live there aren't allowed to vote for president, and don't have representation in Congress...

  • Even though they're American citizens.
  • Even though many of them have served in the military.
  • Even though the freaking Girl Scouts have named cookies after the places they're from.

Because of a super-racist Supreme Court decision that declared them to be members of "alien races."

Yep. You read that right. And that decision is still on the books. In 2015.

Take a look. But be warned: It might make u mad, bro.

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