The Question Don Lemon 'Had To Ask' This Rape Accuser That Made Him A Twitter Laughingstock

When CNN's Don Lemon made the mistake of asking Bill Cosby rape accuser Joan Tarshis what she could've done differently to prevent the rape from continuing, he probably didn't anticipate the Twitter firestorm that rightly followed. Oliver Willis (@owillis) cleverly started the #DonLemonReporting hashtag to point out just how idiotic it is to ask victims what they could've done differently.

Twitter is always finding creative ways to take awful comments and turn them into comedic teachable moments, and #DonLemonReporting is no different. But make no mistake: There's nothing funny about victim-blaming. It's never OK to suggest that a victim should have done something differently to avoid being sexually assaulted. When it comes to sexual violence, the ONLY person at fault is the one who chose to rape. Let's remember that, folks — even if Don Lemon can't.

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