Sometimes, Silence Is A Good Thing. Here, It's Most Definitely Not.

I want to be really clear: I'm not anti-gun. I grew up around guns and I'm still very comfortable handling them. I know many people feel differently, and that's OK. But I hope we can all agree that something has to change. 35,000 people should not die from gun violence every year. Parents shouldn't ever have to worry that their kids might be shot at school.

We should absolutely observe a moment of silence for terrible tragedies, but we need to remember as part of the bigger picture that silence won't result in change.

Did you know that guns are sold in all kinds of places — even on Instagram? A majority of Americans, including NRA members, agree that background checks are important. So let's start with universal background checks for private gun sales. And if you want, you can sign a petition asking Congress to require background checks on all gun sales.

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Vauhxx Booker, a civil rights activist from Bloomington, Indiana, claims that a group of white men threatened to lynch him during an altercation on July 4 near Lake Monroe, but he was saved by onlookers who intervened.

Video taken during the incident shows he was held down by a group of men who pinned him to a tree in a wooded area. Booker says that while he was being held down, the men threatened to break his arms, repeatedly said "get a noose," and told his friends to leave the area.

The men later let him go after being confronted by onlookers who gathered at the scene.

The incident began, according to Booker, when he and his friends were making their way to the lake to see the lunar eclipse when a white man on an ATV told them they were trespassing. When Booker and his friends continued to walk to the lake, the man on the ATV and his friends allegedly shouted "white power" at them, which is when things turned violent.

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