A boy in Louisiana goes the extra mile to make sure his foster dog gets a forever home

A boy in Louisiana goes the extra mile to make sure his foster dog gets a forever home

Roman Duncan and his mom, with Maggie the foster pup.

Puppies are cute, rambunctious and have a way of worming themselves into your heart, and that’s exactly what happened to Roman Duncan when his family fostered a sweet pit bull mix named Maggie. Roman’s mom stepped up to foster Maggie and get her accustomed to what family life would be like. Being a puppy is hard—it requires learning all the rules that you’re not familiar with and a patient human to teach them to you.

The Duncan family helped Maggie learn the ropes of puppy life to prepare her for her new post-rescue family. The Duncans live in Louisiana and the rescue shelter, North Shore Animal League America, is in Port Washington, New York, which meant Roman’s new cuddle buddy would have to be transported a long way. Six-year-old Roman wanted to do what he could to make sure his best friend was adopted, so he devised a plan. He decided to write letters to Maggie’s potential adopters to let them know that she’s the goodest of girls.

Maggie sleeping.Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America

The letters were a way for Roman to express his grief over having to say goodbye to his best friend. The Duncans explained to the 6-year-old on several occasions that Maggie was a foster and would eventually have to go to a new family who would love and care for her forever. Though Roman understood, it didn’t stop him from getting attached to his new friend.

Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America

Roman's letters and drawings were a pleasant surprise to the Animal League rescue transportation team—the boy had slipped them into Maggie’s paperwork without their knowledge. North Shore Animal League America made sure that the letters—which included information about how good Maggie is, her manners and the important fact that she absolutely loved to cuddle—got into the hands of the puppy’s adoptive family.

One of the notes talked about how cute she is, that she loves to play fetch and is the best dog ever. The letter is finished off with a hand-drawn picture of a fuzzy Maggie. It’s clear that in the short time the puppy was with the Duncan family, Roman grew really attached and wanted to make sure her new owners knew about her best traits.

Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America

North Shore Animal League America revealed that they hope by sharing Roman’s letters about Maggie it will encourage other families to consider fostering pets until a forever home is located. Often local shelters have fostering programs for families that are willing to take on a temporary pet. It’s clear that Roman has set the bar high for other families and that Maggie was well loved while she got to snuggle with her best friend.

If you want to learn more about NSALA’s work or fostering pets, you can visit the website.

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