Let's say I knew how to make your phone stay charged forever without plugging it into a wall again.

Scientists have created a clear film that *could* charge a cellphone. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a prototype!

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Are you ready to never plug in your phone again?

Meet the clear solar panel.

It's a film that goes on transparent anything!

It can go on your smartphone and tablet to power them using solar energy.

"The first place [they] want to put its solar cells is on the displays of mobile devices, which means the smartphone of the near future never runs out of battery."

Ubiquitous Energy, the group behind this technology, is able to harness about 10% of the solar energy hitting the film (vs. the common solar panel's 33% energy).

This is happening right now. What remains to be seen is if that 10% energy *will* charge your phone all day long ... or if you'll have to just leave your phone in the sun and never get that text from your mom. I guess we better hope they get a solar phone prototype happening soon!

Even though it's in its beginning experimental phase, it will only get better.

And bigger!

Think skyscrapers. Think entire cities, running on solar-powered skyscrapers.

It's real. And it's where we're headed.