It Should Be Common Sense, But This 3-Year-Old Has To Set Some Of You Straight

As a little kid, there's a bunch of things you can and can't do. But one thing all children should have control over is their bodies and personal space. This adorable "living room protest" from spoken-word poet Staceyann Chin and her adorable 3-year-old daughter Zuri is the perfect reminder that it's OK for kids to say "no."

How does Zuri feel about being picked up?

Why doesn't she like it? I mean, don't all kids wanna be picked up?

What's Zuri's final message for adults?

Now that's what I call one heck of a smart and opinionated little kid! Sometimes adults forget that kids have every right to say yes or no to being picked up. I know it's tempting, especially when they're as adorable as Zuri, but we have to ask first!

Check out the full video below and stick around for 1:26, where Zuri gives an excellent example of asking permission.

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