How You Can Debunk The Enablers Of Assault With A 3-Word Sentence That Only Has 2 Words

There’s a clear message at the bottom of this graphic that will help all of us as we attempt to fix the broken way in which our society thinks about survivors and perpetrators of sexual assault. And once you’ve gotten to the bottom, I invite you to scroll back up, so it really sinks into your brain. (I say this because I did the same thing over and over and over.)

via Witty Buttons / Twitter

Back in 2017, when white supremacist Richard Spencer was socked in the face by someone wearing all black at Trump's inauguration, it launched an online debate, "Is it OK to punch a Nazi?"

The essential nature of the debate was whether it was acceptable for people to act violently towards someone with repugnant reviews, even if they were being peaceful. Some suggested people should confront them peacefully by engaging in a debate or at least make them feel uncomfortable being Nazi in public.

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