Father responds to his daughter coming out with a master class in dad jokes
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Imgur user SunofAbyss is getting a lot of love online for a text exchange he had with his daughter. The exchange proved he's the king of dad jokes, has excellent taste in cookies, and knows the importance of being in healthy relationships.

Oh yeah, he handled his daughter coming out of the closet perfectly.

Dad began the conversation by bringing up a topic that would be difficult for some fathers — his daughter joined GSA.

Gay–Straight Alliance or Gender-Sexuality Alliance is a student-led or community-based organization found in schools that provides a safe and supportive environment for LGBT children, teenagers, and youth as well as their allies

But instead of having a heavy conversation about sexuality, this dad had fun with the big revelation by confusing it with another organization a younger girl may join.

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via SunofAbyss / Imgur

Dad has the perfect response to his daughter being uncomfortable coming out to him.

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Then, he brings up a simple, but important point about relationships.

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Finally, the topic returns to what's really important: cookies.

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via SunofAbyss / Imgur

via SunofAbyss / Imgur

The post received some funny responses, although most people just wanted to talk about their favorite Girl Scout cookies.

"This is absolutely disgusting and these people should both be ashamed of themselves! The peanut butter sandwiches are the best cookies," — seiken82.

"Honestly, this is my stance as well. Don't give a damn who you bring home, just don't date jackasses and jerkwards," — GCRust.

"If you don't bring cookies you're not allowed to lesbian. Got it," — thedownvotefairyisahorriblespecies.

Now, some people may see the dad's flippant response as a missed opportunity for an important conversation about sexuality. However, according to Psychology Today, he did a great job at giving both of them space to think about the big revelation and return to it at a later time.

"Ask for time to take the news in before you express anything but love," Kathy McCoy Ph.D. writes. "If you find yourself grief-stricken and shocked, try to express love for your adult child while asking for time to pull your thoughts together. It's better to ask for time than to blurt out comments or questions that are hurtful."

It seems as though this dad wasn't shocked by the revelation but he gave his daughter, who was clearly uncomfortable, the time to get her head and heart around the news.

The dad also made a great point about relationships by saying he doesn't mind the gender of who she dates, he just wants to be sure that they aren't a "jerk." Because that's when dads have to step in and do their jobs.

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One of the ways to tell if you're in a healthy relationship is whether you and your partner are free to talk about other people you find attractive. For many couples, bringing up such a sensitive topic can cause some major jealousy.

Of course, there's a healthy way to approach such a potentially dangerous topic.

Telling your partner you find someone else attractive shouldn't be about making them feel jealous. It's probably also best that if you're attracted to a coworker, friend, or their sibling, that you keep it to yourself.

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