A Description Of What It Sounds Like When A Black Man Walks. I Won't Look At Them The Same Way.

When she screams out, "Do what your mama said do!" at 2:25, I got chills.

I'm of the belief that a LOT of problems in the WORLD could be solved by just a little more LISTENING, and this is the perfect opportunity for that!

So let's solve some problems with our ears.

What's cool about this poem is that it delightfully, emotionally, and rhythmically shows the experience of people of color and particularly men of color. If you really want to take it one step of kindness further, imagine yourself in the shoes of a black man walking.

BOOM! OK, I'm listening.

In someone's walk, there is a prayer.

And a declaration.

Imagine what it must be like for a black man walking to be your child. What would you say?


These stories are hard to hear.

But imagine how hard it is to walk.