You know what's awesome?!?!

OK, so right now, you're probably thinking:

You're probably well-acquainted with the teachings of this guy...

But dudes, there's so much your second-grade teacher and LeVar Burton left out. (It's not their fault. Giving 7-year-olds just the basics is typically the ideal strategy.)

Reading doesn't just make you smarter and give you more fancy big words to break out at fancy wine parties with your fancy friends. It's a badass, empathy-exploding, sickness-curing cruise ship/time machine.

What do I mean?


Holy shnikes!


A recent study found that reading actually reshapes your brain in much the same way that practicing a sport reshapes an athlete's brain. So while practicing a jump shot over and over again makes a basketball player's ability to score mad points second nature, reading voraciously makes putting yourself in someone else's shoes second nature. It actually does make you a better, nicer person. That's kind of amazing.

Also, it helps you sleep better and might even stave off Alzheimer's disease. That possibly even more amazing.

In conclusion: