When The Internet Goes Down, This Powerful Channel Is Still Up And Running

Community radio stations are a lot like the Internet: they bring groups of people together and help people get information. The difference? You don't need a computer, Internet access, or even to know how to read. That's what makes them so powerful for organizing after disasters and for reaching marginalized communities. Check out the pretty fantastic ways community radio has made a huge difference. Then get excited, because the government is about to open the airwaves for a whole lot of new stations to form!

Incredibly cool, right? Well, nonprofits, community groups, and labor unions will have a one-time chance to apply for thousands of free, noncommercial FM radio licenses that will be up for grabs in October 2013. The Prometheus Radio Project is supporting social justice groups to get on the air and transform the media.

Want in? Fill out an applicant group profile and get updates about expanding community radio. Donate now to support independent media.

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