This Filmmaker Is Showing Hollywood What A Real Leading Lady Looks Like. Glad We + You Could Help.

Iyin Landre is a super inspiring woman who realized that 1) Hollywood wasn't going to look past the fact that she (like many Americans) is not white and 2) the only way she'd be able to play a non-stereotypical character in a film was if she made the movie herself. So she made a Kickstarter video to fund her movie, "Me + You."Upworthy curator Carolyn Silveira found and shared the video, and in less than two days helped secure 80% of the funding Iyin needed to make the film. The Kickstarter reached its goal, and Iyin's now in Brazil tightening up the script and hiring a dream team. We couldn't resist sharing with all of you the very sweet video she sent to Carolyn...

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