The biggest problems of our times all come down to this word that starts with 'E'

First, he's gonna dismiss "empathy" as the hot buzzword getting thrown around, then he's going to show us how powerful it is when used the right way.

If you can watch the video, stop here. If not, keep scrolling.

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If you can't watch the video, here is the breakdown.

Right now, empathy is something of a buzzword that's only being used as a surface concept:

Empathy could be tapped into in smarter ways than just buzzwords, though:

Did you know that an empathic movement is what accomplished this turning point in history?

Imagine how we could start a new huge movement toward empathy. He has some neat ideas:

Ultimately, we can get further now as a human race by swapping introspection for "outrospection."

Now, if you like that, I urge you to go back and watch the video if you can. There was way more good stuff packed in it than I could ever fit in these GIFs. And if you love it, that's what the share button ▼ down there ▼ is for!

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