Never underestimate what a border collie can do.

Border collies may not officially have the title of the smartest dog breed, but no one can deny their intelligence. While some dogs are lovable oafs with seemingly few marble rolling around in their heads, border collies will amaze you with what they can do.

Recently, a video of a border collie creating its own ball fetching game by dropping a ball repeatedly at the top of the stairs and then running down to catch it at the bottom had people impressed. But another video of a border collie shows a whole other level of brain power—and jaw-dropping ability to dance.

That's right. Dance. With specific choreography and everything.

A video shared by petland111 on TikTok shows a woman in a dance in a starting position while Irene Cara's "Flashdance…What a Feeling" plays. A border collie begins to step towards her, and quickly we can see that it's stepping across its body in a deliberate…well, dance.

Watching the rest of the dance unfold, it's clear the dog has had an amazing trainer. But also, what? How?!?



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"Brilliant! Only a border collie. Best dogs ever," wrote one commenter.

"I think this is the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen," wrote another.

"Well, if you don't have sheep, a choreographed dance will do," someone quipped.

"Beautiful, both the human and the pup. Love that jump!" wrote another.

Oh, right, there was a human dancer in there as well. She's gorgeous and graceful, but it's hard to keep your eyes off the dancing doggo.

Never underestimate what you can train a border collie to do.