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America's Got Talent/Youtube

You could watch this a million times and it wouldn't get old.

In the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent,” a one-of-a-kind Argentinian dance troupe snagged a Golden Buzzer from Sofia Vergara and stunned audiences with a performance that truly brought the heat.

As the group, named Legión, stepped onto the stage in matching sleek black outfits that look straight out of the film “Desperado,” the crowd could already tell they were about to experience something special.

Just before starting their number, one of the Legión dancers explained that the team all had “regular jobs” and would find time to rehearse around 2am of the night in a family member’s backyard. If they won, they would use the prize money to purchase a studio where they can truly dedicate himself to their craft.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, someone appeared on stage to set their boots on fire.

Legión’s blazing routine was a riveting display of passion and precision, made even more thrilling with the rhythmic beats of drums and whips.


The folk duel dance, called malambo, emerged in the late 19th century as a way for gauchos to test their speed, strength and dexterity against one another. As malambo choreographer Gilles Brinas explained to ArtBurst, the fast-paced footwork is inspired by the galloping horses gauchos would ride as they wrangle cattle.

And while malambo dancers might regularly add weapons or drums to their routine, it seems the boots-on-fire aspect was a completely new touch.

Even Vergara, who said I'm South American. I have seen this dance many times” told the troupe "that was spectacular. I thought it was amazing. I have never seen anything like that” just before hitting the Golden Buzzer button.

Cowell, along with Hiedi Klum and Howie Mandell also sang high praises. Klum remarked “I loved it. Many dancers have danced on this stage, but their feet have never been on fire” while Mandell called it “Very unexpected, very surprising.”

“This is something I genuinely can see in Vegas,” Cowell noted.

Over in the Youtube comments, viewers felt the same way.

“I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. That was INCREDIBLE and very worthy of the golden buzzer. I can see them going very far if not winning. Congratulations and great job, guys!!!”

“That was amazing! Well deserved Golden Buzzer! I agree with Simon, VEGAS WORTHY! Viva en fuego muchachos!”

“I literally never seen anything like this before. They’ve added some danger to this act and original moves. Well deserved golden buzzer.”

Congrats to Legión, for delivering a unique, energetic and definitely fiery performance!

Pop Culture

College dance team goes viral for 'badass' synchronized moves to Aerosmith

Twenty-four people had to move in perfect unison to nail this amazing routine.


Dream on and dream big.

You know what they say…go big or go home.

Well, the University of Minnesota Dance Team, aka The Gophers, certainly made no plans of going home during their epic dance routine at the UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships in Orlando, Florida (otherwise known as “The Dance Super Bowl”) last weekend.

The Gophers absolutely wowed audiences with a perfectly synchronized performance to Aeromsith’s “Dream On” that quickly racked up millions of views on social media, not to mention a few headlines.

Inspired by a routine to the same song made by the champions in 2004, the 24-person team executed bold, impressive turns and spins all in perfect unison. A two-minute video of their flawless choreography got overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

“This is badass,” Governor Tim Walz wrote on X while another commenter on Youtube marveled, “Not one person was off in this entire dance. Goosebumps!!”
@laurasukowatey More beauty from @uofmdanceteam Best of the Best performance, before heading to UDA Nationals ✨ #udanationals #uofmdanceteam #minnesota #minnesotadance #mndance#udanationals2024 #uofm #collegedancenationals #onelove #minnesotajazz #udacollegenationals #minnesotadanceteam ♬ original sound - Laura Sukowatey

Another viewer echoed, “I’ve never in my life seen a group this large perform such beautiful and perfectly synchronized turns. I didn’t think it was possible.”

Many were shocked to learn that the Gophers actually got 2nd place behind Ohio State in that category. They did, however, score first place for their pom routine. Plus some major viral clout for their ingenuity.

"I have honestly never been so proud of [the] team," longtime head coach, Amanda Gaines told local station KARE11, sharing gratitude that their routine garnered more awareness and respect for the sport.

"They are doing this because they are passionate about dance and Minnesota," Gaines said. "The more people can support these athletes, the better for everyone."

Assistant coach Tia Tumbleson, who helped choreograph the performance, seconded Gaines’ sentiment, applauding her team for doing “this creative and innovative thing that people have never heard of.”

“Dancers and non-dancers, [know] how hard that is. The love we’ve gotten from everybody, I can hardly speak on it. It’s just been incredible,” she told local news station KSTP.

Watch below, and be amazed.

Dancers wow the internet by deciphering dance moves by sound.

If there's one thing people have collectively learned from shows like "So You Think You Can Dance?," it's that everyone is not born a dancer. When people who were gifted with rhythm and talent dance, it's like poetry, with movements so fluid that you question if they're somehow floating in water and choreography so complex and precise that you wonder if they're actually robots. It's beyond watching people move their bodies to the sound of music; it's watching an artist paint a masterpiece with ease.

The LA Clippers dancers, Clippers Spirit, has turned things up a notch by challenging their dancers to copy the previously learned choreography by only using sound.

It sounds easy enough, but the catch is they're not using the music associated with the choreography. The dancers are also not able to look at the dancer behind them, who is giving them the expected moves. They can only go by the sounds the hidden dancer's feet and body are making.

It's one heck of a dance exercise that requires a keen ear and extraordinary dance talent. The Clippers Spirit posts these choreography challenges to their Instagram page where you see some dancers knowing their limit and opting out. But for the ones that don't, their ability to jump right in with the right moves is mind-boggling.


"Who’s the girl in blond at the end. Her moves (praise hands emoji)," someone writes.

"PLEASE Keep 'em coming because these are my favorite videos on this app," another fan reveals.

It's obvious these girls know their stuff because this challenge has to be one heck of a mental exercise. What an amazing skill level they have, and what a fun way to get the dancers warmed up before practice.

Klein Kwagga understood the assignment at his sister's concert.

Some kids are too shy to ever want to get on a stage, some will spend most of a performance staring awkwardly at their shoes, and some kids love the opportunity to show off what they've practiced in front of an audience.

And then there are the kids were simply born for the spotlight. You know them when you see them.

When Dirkco Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen hopped on stage with all of the other brothers and sisters of the dance students at René’s Art of Dance in South Africa, no one expected a viral sensation. According to Capetown Etc, it was the school's year-end concert, and siblings were invited to come up and dance to Bernice West’s Lyfie—a popular song in Afrikaans. And Dirkco, who goes by Klein Kwagga, took the assignment and ran with it.

Or rather, he danced with it. From the moment the music started, the 7-year-old was all in, expertly demonstrating his moves with intent seriousness. Nothing seemed to faze him—not the other kids around him, not the whoops from the crowd—he was just on.



Doen dit lyfie doen dit! @Bernice West #Dans #fun #show Die Here het my mooi gemaak🎊🥳

Translated into English, the song begins with the lyrics "The Lord made me beautiful" and goes on to celebrate our bodies and dancing before God. But you don't have to understand a word of Afrikaans to enjoy Klein Kwagga's enthusiasm for the song and for dancing his little heart out.

"I can’t get enough of this, I want this vibe everyday," wrote one commenter.

"Jumped straight out of his Toyota land cruiser and owned the show 😁," wrote another.

After someone at the concert shared the video, Klein Kwagga's family set up a TikTok channel for him and shared some other videos. As one video shows, hamming it up is clearly in the kid's nature. Check out this clip of him as a ringbearer at a wedding:


#wedding #Ringbearer #Twist #Dance #funny@Die_Swart_Kat_ @boerboelwear @Robbie wessels @Bernice West

Gotta love a kid who instantly shines in the spotlight. Keep on dancing, Klein Kwagga. We love to see it.