Supreme Court: ‘Racism Is Pretty Much Over, Right?'

What part of "vast conspiracy to suppress voter turnout" didn't the Supreme Court understand?

Supreme Court: ‘Racism Is Pretty Much Over, Right?'

Three things I'd like to add as food for thought in anticipation of the really fun comment conversation that I'm sure will arise:

  • First, we have fact-checked this video. 

  • Second, in spite of the many efforts to create tighter, fraud-proof voting regulations, over the years I have found no convincing evidence that voter fraud is, well, real. 
  • Third, requiring IDs to vote makes it harder for citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote — it is an obstacle to democracy. Insurmountable? No. But an obstacle all the same.
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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) approved a measure last month that could pave the way for the Catholic Church to deny President Joe Biden communion. The conservative bishops hope to prevent Biden from participating in the sacred ritual because of his support for abortion rights.

Biden is a devout Catholic who considered becoming a priest in his youth. He rarely misses mass, holds a rosary while making critical decisions, and often quotes scriptures. When asked about the bishops' decision Biden said it is "a private matter and I don't think that's going to happen."

The bishops hope the new guidance would push "Catholics who are cultural, political, or parochial leaders to witness the faith."

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