See The Interactive Infographic That Will Make You A Better Earthling

As a current resident ofEarth, I like to think that I do my part to respect the planet. Thanks to this30-second carbon footprint calculator, evidently, I need to do more.

Let's gawk at my own sorry carbon footprint for a moment, shall we?

-  In calculating my home energy use, mine is almost 11% more than the U.S. average for my state. Even though I work primarily from home, I will be unplugging more unused appliances from now on.

-  Your eating habits also impact the environment. How much meat you eat affects our environmental impact because of farming conditions in the raising and processing of cattle and chickens.

-  Because I do work mostly from home, there are some savings versus the national average when it comes to driving or flying. But your fuel consumption all goes into the mix.

Feel free to share my shame to lead to environmental gain. Then figure out your own carbon footprint  — and ways to lessen it.

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