Questions to steer clear of when you date someone of another race.

To say thatdating can be tough these days is an understatement — and when you add raceto the equation, it can get even more complicated. No one wants to hurt feelingsor turn what was supposed to be a fun time into debate night. So, since lots ofpeople still don't want to talk about color, ethnicity or racial stereotypes, it can be easier to show them. Here's a perfect example. The tables are turned on race and power dynamics when a black woman goes on a date with a white guy. It's so funny, so spot on, and so true when roles are reversed in this hilarious take.

Questions to steer clear of when you date someone of another race.

Like the rest of the Western hemisphere, I woke up this morning to the surprising news that gymnastic superstar Simone Biles had backed out of the Olympic team finals after an uncharacteristically bad vault performance. After some conflicting reports about a possible injury, it became clear that she was physically fine—it was her mental state that had gotten twisted.

Cue the armchair commentators complaining that she had let the team down, that she's only concerned about herself, and that she shouldn't have gone into the competition if she didn't have the mental toughness to handle it.

Hoo boy. Let's all just take a deep breath and step back for a second.

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