People are sharing the simple, three-word advice they’d give their 13-year-old self

Here are 20 of the best responses.

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What would you tell your 13-year-old self?

The age of 13 is a turning point in a lot of people’s lives. It’s right before you enter high school and begin to be exposed to a whole new world of temptation in the form of drugs, alcohol, dating, sex, smoking and gangs, to name a few.

When you’re a kid you can make a mistake that doesn’t follow you forever. But once the teen years hit, your decisions can have lifelong repercussions.

Imagine if you could go back in time and tell your 13-year-old self what pitfalls to avoid and which decisions to make? A Reddit user by the name kiwipangolin asked the online forum an intriguing question about how they’d handle such a meeting: “You meet your 13-year-old self, but you can only tell them three words. What do you say and why?”

Three words aren’t much, but they’re easy to remember.

A lot of the people who responded wished they could tell themselves to avoid a lifetime of addiction, mostly cigarettes and drugs. Some wished they would have let loved ones who passed away know how much they cared. While others would have let their past selves know their friends or family members were in danger.

There are a lot of people in the Reddit thread who have some serious regrets. While some of their stories are tragic, they also serve as powerful reminders for the rest of us to watch out for our health, look out for those who may be in trouble and to let our loved ones know how much they matter.

Here are 20 of the best responses to the question: “You meet your 13-year-old self, but you can only tell them 3 words. What do you say and why?”


"Don’t fucking smoke." — whateverathrowaway00


"Love dad more." — RealLifeHaxor


"Yes Kimmy California. My sister wanted to move to California near where I was living. My life was really complicated at the time and I really discouraged it. My marriage was a mess and I was afraid it would make it worse. She stayed where she was. About a year later she was killed by a drunk driver. My marriage ended. I would do literally anything to still have my sister here." — purplecrazypants


"Stay off ATVs. Rolled a 4-wheeler when I was 16. Left leg has never been the same." — Cloudkicker91

A healthcare worker chimed in with more information.

"I work in a pediatric operating room in an area where ATVs are popular. Anytime the weather is nice and the kids are out of school, the number of add-on surgeries we have for atv injuries is mind-boggling. 4 year old, shattered femur, ATV rollover. 8-year-old, broken left arm, ATV roll over. 13 year old, ATV ejection, emergency crani. Shattered pelvis, degloving of the leg, brain bleeds, punctured lungs... On and on and on. So much agony. So many kids. It's easily the number one cause of emergent surgery we do.

In my book, putting a kid on an atv is about the same as giving an infant a loaded gun for a pacifier." — YamGroundbreaking953


"Keep making music." — douglas_yancie


"Stop copying others." — Kyndron


"Evie needs help. Maybe then I’ll still have my big sister." — Space GeneralAmerica


"Drugs ruined you." — GizmoTheLion


"Brush your teeth." — mynameisusama


"You are autistic. That’s my three words. That would’ve solved so many god damn problems, knowing who I am." — kelcamer


"Go to therapy." — cornygiraffe


"Stay in school." — Julie-Andrews


"Don't trade Charizard." — facepwnage


"No student loans." — TravelingGleeman87


"Wear a condom." — NicksterPro


"Treat her better." — VinFamous


"Never start gambling." — elegantBullfrog2417


"Exercise, socialize, study." — LesbianStan


"Happiness isn’t linear. Everyone needs to know this at any stage of life but I wish I was told that back at 13, so I would know earlier that life is full of ups and downs, the downs will go back up, tho the ups don’t always last long." — Evangelion-02


"You'll be ok." — Pretenderrender


O Organics’ delicious, easy-to-cook homestyle spaghetti recipe helps feed America’s hungry

O Organics is donating a meal for every product purchased at Albertsons stores, up to 28 million meals.

Mei and Kyong and a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs.


When most people think about Korean cooking, they probably imagine the enticing aroma, colors, and flavors of a plate filled with kimchi and bulgogi or a hot bowl of bibimbap. But when cooking influencer Kyong reflects upon his childhood, he has fond memories of his Korean mother cooking him a delicious and easy-to-prepare spaghetti and meatballs recipe.

"My parents were busy running their dry-cleaning business and couldn't call off work or take long breaks like a traditional 9 to 5 job, so there wasn't a lot of time to cook,” he recalled. “So, my mom learned how to make quick-and-easy meals, and her spaghetti and meatballs were my favorites.”

Is there any better example of the American melting pot than a hard-working Korean mother cooking an Italian staple for her family?

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A teen student delivered a masterclass on the true history of the Confederate flag

Christopher Justice broke it down into incredible details most of us probably weren't even aware of.

Six years ago, a high school student named Christopher Justice eloquently explained the multiple problems with flying the Confederate flag. A video clip of Justice's truth bomb has made the viral rounds a few times since then, and here it is once again getting the attention it deserves.

Justice doesn't just explain why the flag is seen as a symbol of racism. He also explains the history of when the flag originated and why flying a Confederate flag makes no sense for people who claim to be loyal Americans.

But that clip, as great as it is, is a small part of the whole story. Knowing how the discussion came about and seeing the full debate in context is even more impressive.

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No child should have to worry about getting enough food to thrive.


When you’re a kid, summer means enjoying the fun of the season—plentiful sunshine, free time with friends, splashing in pools and sprinklers. But not every child’s summer is as carefree as it should be.

For some, summer means going hungry. According to Feeding America, food insecurity affects 1 in 8 children in the U.S., largely because families lose the free or reduced-price meals at school that help keep them fed during the school year.

But back-to-school time doesn’t make food insecurity disappear, either. Hunger is a year-round issue, and with the increased cost of groceries, it’s gotten harder for families who were already struggling to put food on the table.

So what can be done—or more specifically, what can the average person do—to help?

The good news is that one simple choice at the grocery store can help ease the burden a bit for those experiencing food insecurity. And the even better news is that it’s also a healthy choice for ourselves, our families and our planet. When we’re out on our regular shopping trips, we can simply look for the O Organics versions of things we would already buy.

But wait—aren’t we all feeling the pinch at the checkout stand? And isn’t organic food expensive? Here’s the thing: Organic food is often much more affordable than you might think. The cost difference between organic and non-organic products keeps narrowing, and many organic and non-organic foods are now almost identical in price. Sometimes you’ll even find that an organic product is actually cheaper than its brand-name non-organic counterpart.

Since 2005, O Organics has helped give health-conscious shoppers more options by making organic food more accessible and affordable. And now, it’s helping those same shoppers take action to fight food insecurity. For every O Organics product you purchase, the company will donate a meal to someone in need through the Albertsons Companies Foundation—for up to a total of 28 million meals.

Look for the O Organics label in every aisle.O Organics

Here’s what that means in real-world terms:

Say you’re throwing an end-of-summer backyard BBQ bash. If you were to buy O Organics ground beef, hamburger buns, ketchup and sea salt potato chips, you’d be donating four meals just by buying those four ingredients. If you added O Organics butter lettuce and O Organics sandwich slice pickles, you’d be donating two more meals, and so on.

And where are those meals going? Albertsons Companies Foundation works with a network of national and local charities fighting hunger, and regional divisions choose organizations to fund locally. So every O Organics product you purchase means a meal on the table for someone in your area who might not otherwise have the nourishment they need.

No kid should have to worry about getting enough food to thrive. We all make conscious choices each time we walk down a grocery store aisle, and by choosing

O Organics, we can make a difference in a child’s life while also making healthy choices for ourselves and our families. It’s truly a win-win.

Why we think The Buddy Bed is the best orthopedic dog bed

The Buddy Bed is a vet-approved dog bed designed to relieve joint pain, improve health, and reduce anxiety.

An undeniable bond forms when you first meet eyes with your four-legged friend. That wiggle of a tail, that tilt of a head - they've got you, heart and soul, at that moment. It's a relationship built on companionship and unconditional love, bound by belly rubs and fetch games. And isn't it true that when we truly love someone, their comfort becomes our priority? Shouldn't that sentiment extend to our loyal furry companions as well?

Veterinarian Approved Dog Bed!
Toby and Ace The Buddy Bed
The Buddy Bed
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Now, consider the hours they spend sleeping, the corners they curl into, the awkward positions they somehow find comfortable. As good pet parents, we want to enhance their slumber, providing the ultimate coziness that their adorable snores deserve. Enter the Buddy Bed, a game-changing solution that redefines what comfort means for our pets. This veterinarian-approved dog bed is designed with a purpose, woven with love, and stitched with the promise of better health and reduced anxiety.

The Benefits Of A Quality Dog Bed

Did you know dogs sleep for about 12-14 hours a day? That's a substantial chunk of their lives spent snoozing. Quality sleep is vital for their overall well-being, impacting everything from their mood to their longevity. It aids in their growth, keeps their immune system robust, and even contributes to better behavior - because even dogs can get cranky without their beauty sleep.

Dog Sleeping on The Buddy Bed from Toby and Ace

More importantly, uninterrupted, restful sleep can make a significant difference in managing a dog's stress and anxiety levels. Thus, investing in a quality bed that guarantees sound sleep for your pet isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for optimal health and happiness.

But the world of dog beds can be a minefield, and you might find yourself replacing them more often than you'd like. Low-quality beds wear out fast, losing their cushioning in no time, essentially becoming a thin layer between your dog and the hard floor. Worse still, they provide little to no support for your dog's body, leading to discomfort and potential long-term health issues. And let's not even get started on hygiene. Unwashed dog beds can become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing a myriad of skin conditions. Plus, without the convenience of machine washability, keeping them clean can become a chore in itself.

Luckily, there’s the Buddy Bed from Toby and Ace.

Toby and Ace

At the heart of Toby and Ace is a simple but profound belief: every dog, irrespective of breed, age, or ability, deserves to find comfort in their owners. Born out of a deep love for pets and a keen understanding of the human-animal bond, Toby and Ace aims to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their owners. This isn't just a company churning out products; it's a passionate team creating a world where no dog is left behind, where every tail-wagger finds the warmth and care they deserve.

Toby and Ace's ethos transcends the mere creation of pet products. Their commitment lies in the careful design and testing of goods that serve a dual purpose: not only are they functional and comforting for our pets, but they also seamlessly fit into our everyday lives. Their innovative creations result from a deep listening to the needs of our four-legged friends and their humans. And in this noble endeavor, they've carved a niche where love for pets intersects with practical, high-quality solutions.

The Buddy Bed's Features

The Buddy Bed from Toby and Ace

The Buddy Bed isn't your average dog bed - it's a vet-approved, carefully crafted haven for your pet. Let's start with the orthopedic memory foam. Human-grade and CertiPUR-US certified, this multilayer foam cradles your dog, providing optimal support to key pressure points. It's like giving your dog a personalized mattress that fits their body perfectly, aiding better blood circulation and reducing the stress on their spine and joints. Add to that the cooling gel technology, which helps regulate body temperature. After all, dogs, especially those with thick coats, can overheat pretty fast, and this cooling feature ensures they have a comfortable sleep environment.

The Buddy Bed Features Orthopedic Memory Foam Providing Cooling Gel Technology Reduced Stress and Strain Better Blood Circulation

The Buddy Bed is also durable, made with 'tear-resistant' fabric that can withstand the toughest diggers and chewers. Plus, it's machine washable - goodbye messes and hello, hygiene! It's designed to be practical, easy, and comfortable for your pet. And these aren't just marketing gimmicks; these features have scientific backing.

For instance, high bolsters scientifically mimic the natural feeling of shelter to ease anxiety. The egg crate design of the bed promotes better sleep and relaxation by recreating a dog's natural den. This blend of comfort, science, and durability culminates in a product that stands tall in the dog bed market - giving your furry friend the sleep they deserve while providing you peace of mind.

Benefits For Your Dog

The Buddy Bed isn't just a comfortable space for your pup to lay their head; it's a tool that actively contributes to their overall well-being. The orthopedic foam and the design of the bed work in tandem to reduce joint pain and promote better health. With enhanced support to the neck, back, hips, and joints, your pet is likely to experience fewer aches and pains, leading to more active and happier days. Moreover, the anxiety-relieving feature of the bed offers a safe haven for pets who may feel stressed, ensuring they're not just physically comfortable but emotionally secure as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Two dogs in The Buddy Bed from Toby and Ace

Embracing the Buddy Bed experience is as simple as making a click. With a user-friendly purchase process, Toby and Ace ensure your canine companion can enjoy the benefits of a Buddy Bed as soon as possible. The company proudly offers free shipping across the USA, so you can provide your furry friend with the best no matter where you live. Plus, they offer a risk-free, 60-day trial.

Not sure if your pet will love the bed? You have two whole months to decide, and if it’s a no, they'll refund you in full. As for longevity, they've got that covered too. Each Buddy Bed has a 10-year warranty guaranteeing it will retain at least 70% of its shape, or they'll replace the foam for free. Now that's assurance worth barking about

Order Yours Today

The Buddy Bed by Toby and Ace isn't just a luxury item for your pet; it's an investment in their health and happiness. With features like orthopedic foam, cooling gel technology, and the promise of durability, this vet-approved bed is designed to tackle common dog issues like joint pain and anxiety.

Veterinarian Approved Dog Bed!
Toby and Ace The Buddy Bed
The Buddy Bed
$159.99 at Toby & Ace

Isn't it time we gave our furry friends the comfort they provide us every day? Think about your pup's wagging tail, happy yelps, and those adorable eyes looking up at you. Don't they deserve the best? Click here to order the Buddy Bed for your pet today – because man's best friend deserves the best night's sleep.


Sorry, Labradors. After 31 years, America has a new favorite dog.

The American Kennel Club has crowned a new favorite.

via Pixabay

A sad-looking Labrador Retriever

The sweet-faced, loveable Labrador Retriever is no longer America’s favorite dog breed. The breed best known for having a heart of gold has been replaced by the smaller, more urban-friendly French Bulldog.

According to the American Kennel Club, for the past 31 years, the Labrador Retriever was America’s favorite dog, but it was eclipsed in 2022 by the Frenchie. The rankings are based on nearly 716,500 dogs newly registered in 2022, of which about 1 in 7 were Frenchies. Around 108,000 French Bulldogs were recorded in the U.S. in 2022, surpassing Labrador Retrievers by over 21,000.

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The 1990s was a magical time.

If you grew up in the '90s then you were part of the last generation of kids who lived without being constantly connected to the internet. You lived during that last gasp of the analog era where most of your entertainment came on tape and if you wanted a new pair of Guess jeans or LA Gear shoes, you had to drive to the mall.

Also, if you wore parachute pant, aka "Hammer Pants," people actually thought you were cool.

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Pappas Pärlor's fantastic street art.

Anyone who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s—Gen X, I’m looking at you—grew up in a world that was dominated by 8-bit graphics. Back in the day, computers and video game systems had a limited amount of processing power so the graphics had to be simple.

That meant the heroes that we played with such as Mario from Super Mario Brothers or Link from The Legend of Zelda, had to be super simple looking and we had to fill in the rest with our imaginations.

Video graphics have come a long way over the past 30-plus years, but people still love the old designs because it takes them back to a simpler time. This has led to an 8-bit movement where people use their creativity to make art within the confines of the limited medium.

Some people also use the limited 8-bit soundscape to create music that’s reminiscent of the old games. Sure, computer game music may be much more sophisticated these days, but is there anything better than the soundtrack to the original Tetris? Would Super Mario Brothers be the same with a sophisticated soundtrack? I think not.

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