Meet a guy who still hasn't gotten the memo about the 21st century.

There's nothing more irritating than confronting people who are absolutely convinced that their stereotypes are the same as facts. This guy could teach a masters class in that devious art — share this so he won't get away with it.

Living a simple and happy life, Chow Yun-fat plans to give his around $700 million fortune to charity, Hong Kong movie site Jayne Stars reported.

Chow Yun Fat was born in Lamma Island, Hong Kong, to a mother who was a cleaning lady and vegetable farmer, and a father who worked on a Shell Oil Company tanker. Chow grew up in a farming community, in a house with no electricity.

He would wake at dawn each morning to help his mother sell herbal jelly and Hakka tea-pudding on the streets; in the afternoons, he went to work in the fields.

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