It's a pop song like no other. But not every woman is allowed to hear it.

A new pop single by this Saudi Arabia-born singer is not only dance-worthy, it's got a global message every woman needs to hear.

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While there are many powerful moments in this gender-equality anthem, this one in particular paired with the chorus really hit me.

"What hurts the most is if she were a boy it would be fine,
But doing it when you're a girl, you really crossed the line.
I will share my face,
I will share my name in this gender game.
If I say my name or I show my face,
I should be ashamed.
I will share my face,
I will share my name in this gender game."
—Tamtam, "Gender Game"

Sadly, the double standards set for men and women are all too real and need to be called out. But what I love most about "Gender Game" is that Tamtam leaves the lyrics open enough to interpretation that the could be used to call out a whole host of situations based on your background or where you're from. For me, the first thing I thought of was how differently society treats sexually active boys and girls. And while we still have a ways to go in terms of gender equality, I'm glad there are songs like this to remind us to keep our eyes on the prize and continue fighting in the gender game.

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