Is This What You Think A Geek Looks Like? Well She Does. So Deal With It.

Why are people like comic book illustrator and misogynist Tony Harris so determined to shame geek girls and their "boobies" out of comic conventions? Not being a dude or a misogynist, I can't say for sure. But can we at least acknowledge the very real truth in what this woman isn't supposed to say about the culture of comics and fandom at 5:36? Oh, and just try not to applaud at 6:51 when she makes the point that should really end this whole freaking discussion once and for all. 

The full text of Tony Harris's original Facebook post is below (warning: bad grammar, misogyny, general dickishness), so read it, then jump to 3:56 for her response. 

After seeing the video of the everyday hero who called out the racist rant of Kelly Anne Wolfe, we should all go out and purchase a bicycle if there is even a chance we could become as cool as this guy.

The unnamed citizen was riding his bike through the streets of Toronto and came across a group of people eager to get out their message that no one needs to wear a mask. When they handed him a "face mask exempt" card, he calmly ripped it up.

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