I Went Looking For A Serious Discussion About Gun Safety, And All I Got Was This Video

A popular anchorexplains this thing called "trolling," a.k.a. screaming on theInternet for screaming's sake. Here's how you and all your friendscan identify and why you should ignore it.

I Went Looking For A Serious Discussion About Gun Safety, And All I Got Was This Video

(0:14) Guess what lives under the bridge and ruins everything?

(0:56) It's a bird! It's a plane! No — it's a troll in action!

(1:22) This is why there's money to be made by making everyone hate each other.

(4:23) Ah, yes: Why trolls cause outrage for outrage's sake.

(5:20) Watch the NRA get its troll on.

(6:50) This is how trolls earn their troll food!

(7:25) Who's afraid of the big bad NRA?

(9:46) Find your "jack-booted thugs" right here!

(11:25) Guess who's the new gun control party now, trolls?

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Have you ever woken up one day and wondered if you were destined to do more in your life? Or worried you didn't take that shot at your dream?

FOX's new show "The Big Leap." is here to show you that all you need to take that second chance is the confidence to do so.

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