I Went Looking For A Serious Discussion About Gun Safety, And All I Got Was This Video

A popular anchorexplains this thing called "trolling," a.k.a. screaming on theInternet for screaming's sake. Here's how you and all your friendscan identify and why you should ignore it.

(0:14) Guess what lives under the bridge and ruins everything?

(0:56) It's a bird! It's a plane! No — it's a troll in action!

(1:22) This is why there's money to be made by making everyone hate each other.

(4:23) Ah, yes: Why trolls cause outrage for outrage's sake.

(5:20) Watch the NRA get its troll on.

(6:50) This is how trolls earn their troll food!

(7:25) Who's afraid of the big bad NRA?

(9:46) Find your "jack-booted thugs" right here!

(11:25) Guess who's the new gun control party now, trolls?