How Romney Could Have Turned This Election Into A Landslide

The presidential election has left many Romney supporters wondering where, exactly, their man went wrong. Turns out the answer's both incredibly complicated (fact checks! hyper-partisan divisiveness!) and not that complicated at all: Women, queer people, and people of color all care a lot about maintaining their right to exist and to keep working toward full equality. By forgetting those people, Mitt Romney sort of shot himself in the foot. It's too bad, too; if this election were held pre-suffrage, homeboy would have won by a LANDSLIDE. This fantastic map by the good people at Buzzfeed breaks down what that would've looked like.Kinda makes you wonder—what does this say about equality in the U.S.?

How Romney Could Have Turned This Election Into A Landslide

Here's what the electoral map would have looked like had only white men voted:

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