Hmmm, I'm Not Sure Why This Myth About Black Couples Exists

Don't worry, this isn't another one of thosestories predicting doom and gloom in the love department.The folks in this video open up and talk candidly about the complexities of marriage in the black community and why some stereotypes are still lurking. It's informative. It's fun. And it's definitely not 100% doom and gloom.

Fact Check Time:

While Census figures from 2009 say that “70% of black women ages 25-29 have never been married" as mentioned in the video, our fact checkers did confirm that figure falls to 13% of black women age 55 and older who have never been married (not age 53+). It's unclear whether that number includes same-sex couples who may not be able to marry in their state.

Another figure mentioned is “There are 25 blackwomen to every one black man.” Despite high incarceration rates for black men, our savvy fact checkers say that 25:1 ratio is a grossexaggeration.

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