DEAR WORLD: In Colorado A Man Full Of Hate Took 12 Lives, But Love Saves Millions More Every Day

As one of three Upworthy team members who grew up hanging around Aurora (my younger teammates went to that theater A LOT), I can say, without flinching, that I refuse to let some disturbed maniac define how I live my life.Another man who refuses is Colorado State Sen. Mike Johnston, who posted this open letter on Facebook. We thought it was so moving it needed to be seen by everyone. Don't let the James Holmes's of the world ever think they have a chance of winning. Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight — and love back.

When we asked Mike if there was a cause we could point people to to help out, he responded with, "There's an organization called Camp Comfort that helps kids 6-12 cope with loss, an amazing org that I'm sure will be badly needed in months ahead."

So after you help Camp Comfort, please share this so others can too.