This slideshow shows how you can protect your information.

Everything you do online is tracked.

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Whether you're buying a new toy for your kid, researching a trip idea, posting a photo on Instagram, or sending an email to your boss, everything you do online is tracked. Web trackers — such as cookies — collect this personal data for a variety of reasons. They also share it with a number of interested parties, including companies that are trying to sell you stuff.

via Cathy Pedrayes / Instagram

Sometimes the most innocuous question can give a predator all the information they need to stalk, harass, or assault a woman. That's why Instagram's "safety queen" Cathy Pedrayes has made a series of videos showing women the best times to lie to a stranger.

We've all been raised to tell the truth, but when it comes to being safe there's no reason we should feel compelled to give out personal information to a random stranger. Pedrayes' videos do a great job at not only showing women when to lie and but how to feel comfortable doing so.

Pedrayes originally started making videos about philosophy and being a "mom friend," but soon fell into making clips centered around safety because of her unique background.

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