Click This For The Kids. The SICK Kids! Your Mom Will Be Disappointed In You If You Don't.

If you've never heard of Flight of the Concords, the fake comedy rock band from New Zealand and HBO, you have been missing out. They just cut a new song, with lyrics written by children, to save sick children. They asked some healthy kids how to raise money for sick kids, and turned it into Grammy magic.So if you don't watch this hilarious video, you HATE sick children.

Some context for those of you who don't know much about comedy rock bands. The bearded, prettier band member, Brett, also wrote the songs for the latest Muppet Movie (at 3:15). I can't decide if the best part is when they almost break character six times laughing at kids or these moments: At 1:40 they encourage a kid to steal from his dad. At 4:10 the kids come up with a brilliant money-making scheme. At 4:40 they figure out a more complicated but slightly untenable plan. And at 5:05 the most amazing song to save the kids EVER starts! It has a lot of musicians I've never seen, but our New Zealand viewers might recognize.
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