An 83-Year-Old Movie Shows Exactly What To Say To Anyone Who Tells You How To Live Your Life

If we look at this movie scene that's over 80 years old and still think, “Yeah! She makes a good point!” then feminism hasn’t quite worked yet. We’ll get there, ladies and gents!

via kobi.nichols / Instagram

Dequan Nichols posted a video of his three-year-old son, Joakobi, giving him his "daily checkup" and it's cute beyond words. In the video, Jaokobi asks his patient his name to which Dequan replies, "Dada."

The little doc then asks Dequan, "What happened?" and he goes over his symptoms which include a "crink in my neck." Jakobi then puts his stethoscope to his father's heart and lets out a dramatic gasp.

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