Afghanistan Up Close And On Video

Karim Delgado just spent six months as avideographer with U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. When he got home to NewYork he made this video of how he experienced the war from behind his camera. It’sa film Karim feels the rest of us should see. 

For security reasons I can’t tell youthe stories of everybody in the video, but here are two of the most poignant:

00:51 The little girl with the headwound has an infection. A Special Forces medic treated her for weeks before shegot better. She lives in a rural area where the Taliban have been trying tostop kids from getting an education, by poisoning or destroying wells neartheir schools.

01.59 The boy charging toward thecamera with a gun enlisted to join his local police force. There are so fewable-bodied men in Afghanistan’s rural villages that Special Forces soldiers often endup training young boys. His gun is loaded with live ammo!