A haunting look at what happens when we make our kids 'behave'

Maybe it's just me, but I really like it when songs are about something important — in this case, rigid gender roles and how harmful they can be.

I kind of guessed how the video was going to end, but that didn't stop me from getting the good kind of goosebumps from 2:49 onward.

You can click the transcript button below to read along with the lyrics, but I guarantee you this is the part that will get stuck in your head:

And yes, people will give you funny looks if you walk around singing that part to yourself. But I haven't let that stop me yet.

FACT CHECK TIME: OK, so there aren't any facts presented in this video, but did you know that dads who do housework are more likely to raise ambitious daughters? And that forcing kids (of all genders!) to stick to rigid gender roles can be harmful to their health? Yeah. It's true. Like, super true. So what do you think? If you think we should stop doing that to our kids, you might want to share this video. It's up to you though.