A comic for dads learning important life lessons from their toddlers.

Life with a toddler can be fraught with many challenges.

Anthony Arbaiza, a dad of two from Hershey, Pennsylvania, put it this way:

"Having a toddler is vastly different from a newborn. It's like you traded in your V1.0 model and got back the experimental upgrade that hasn't been debugged yet. It still spurts liquid everywhere but it's more mobile now, so finding inexplicable puddles all over the house is common."

Toddlers are just beginning to discover the world. It's a delightful mix of a sense of wonder combined with the irresistible urge to take things too far. And the most exciting part? They can jump from one to the other in a split second.

Illustrator Grant Snider is a dad too, and is thus intimately familiar with both parts of the toddler mix.

His comic "Life With a Toddler" illustrates the wonderful dichotomy between the two and why together, they make up the best life experience.  

Moments like the ones above happen when you least expect them. And while fleeting, they make all the difference.

Toddlers can be funny, weird, terrifying, confusing, irritating, brilliant, and exhausting, but put that with the moments of pure joy they bring you, and you have a package worth more than anything else in the world.

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