Why Legendary Actor Danny Glover Is ​​Getting Too Tired Of This Sh*t

Listen to Hollywood actor and political activist Danny Glover passionately explain why the same problem exists in every corner of this country, whether it's in the streets of Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, or New York. He's tired of the fact that this country is waging war on its people and not on the core of the problem itself, and he's hoping that this documentary he's supporting will spark some of us to rethink and discuss the underlying problems at play.


The documentary they're speaking about is called "The House I Live In." Find out where you can go see the movie, too.

Oh, and if you're too young to know who Danny Glover is, find a copy of "Lethal Weapon" and have your mind BLOWN by the awesomeness that is 90s action films. But really, he's also a pretty incredible political activist worth listening to.

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