Watching This Video Is Like Having Sex With Like A Million People. But Not That Kind Of Sex.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the world. Sometimes I think there won't even be a world to enjoy when my daughter grows up. Scary, right? But this crazy-smart science writer and member of the British House of Lords just dropped some serious knowledge about ideas and sex (and ideas having sex) to explain why we just might be OK. So I'm breathing a little easier today. And after watching this, I hope you are, too.

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Let's Do More Together

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For medical workers in a pandemic, protecting loved ones can be tricky.

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Anyone who has spent any time around dogs knows that fireworks can be a jarring experience. The fact that they are in a shelter with the uncertainty of not having a home and being caged, combines for an understandably anxious situation. Santiago mentions to azcentral.com, that sometimes the pets can get so stressed out that they can jump out of windows or dig under fences, which isn't healthy for their psyche. The third annual Calm the Canines event is sponsored by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control with founder Santiago in Arizona. They comfort animals during these worrisome times.

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