Watch It. Listen To The Guys. Watch It Again. Listen To The Women. Then Listen To The Women Again.

There are a lot of perspectives here, but listen for how many times the women say they felt uncomfortable, intimidated, or unsafe because of guys approaching them on the street.

What needs to happen if street harassment makes women feel like this...

...but men think like this?

Thanks, last dude. It IS a little intimidating.

And if it's happening to women, shouldn't what women actually experience matter a little bit more than what men intend? At a certain point, intentions don't matter. The act of disrupting women on the street (from telling women to smile all the way to hip-thrusts and groping) is unwelcome and intimidating.

Men harassing women on the street is just not acceptable.

Here's everyone's full comments:

Street harassment sucks. But you can help by talking to the guys in your life about it.

You might be thinking, "You know, this conversation feel really straight." You would be right. This video didn't address the way street harassment affects LGBT and other gender-non-conforming people. And it REALLY does. Just ask George Takei and Laverne Cox.