The Things Some Men Do To Young Girls Seeking Education Tells You How Scared Of Them They Are

With intelligence seeming to be in short supply sometimes these days, you’d think we’d want every bit of it we can get. But throughout history, we’ve seen those in power withhold education from those they fear.Around the world, girls doing nothing more than trying to learn have been kidnapped, poisoned, shot, and killed. It’s beyond heartbreaking and cruel. And the fact is: We need these girls. Can you just imagine what the world will be like when they come into their own? I can. And I can’t wait.

via Dov Forman / Twitter

In 1945, Lily Ebert, now 90, was liberated from a German munitions factory where she worked as slave labor after being transferred from the Auschwitz death camp.

A few weeks after being liberated, an American soldier shared some words of positivity with her, "The start to a new life. Good luck and happiness," he wrote on a German banknote.

The simple gesture was life-changing for Ebert and the banknote became one of her most treasured keepsakes.

"This soldier was the first human being who was kind to us," she told NBC News. "It was the first time after this terrible life that somebody was kind and I knew that somebody wants to help."

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