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Chatty animals get 'interviewed' with a teeny tiny microphone, and boy is it entertaining

Here to answer all your burning questions, such as "may I touch your snoot?"

Freya from Maya Higa's YouTube video.

Ever wonder what an ideal date for a lemur would be? Or a lizard’s favorite Disney princess?

Thanks to one YouTube poster with a passion for animals and an endearing sense of humor, all questions shall be answered. Well, maybe not all questions. But at the very least, you’ll have eight minutes of insanely cute footage.

In a series titled “Tiny Mic Interviews,” Maya Higa approaches little beasties with a microphone so small she has to hold it with just her thumb and forefinger. And yes, 99% of the animals try to eat it.

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This dog is obviously tired of his mom’s antics and grabs a knife to get her attention

Something tells me this isn't the first time she's pulled a prank on him.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Dog is tired of his mom's antics.

There are some people in your life that play entirely too much. Every time you turn around they're trying to play a prank on you or laughing about a prank they played on someone else. But for one woman, her attempt to prank her dog didn't go as planned because Fido was simply tired of her antics. At least, his response to her latest prank would have you believe that the canine has had enough because as his owner pretends to choke and falls to the floor, the dog picks up a knife after seemingly checking on her.

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Photo by Timothy Perry on Unsplash

Dog takes a nap so good his owner thought he was dead.

Animals sure are fun when they're not getting into stuff or accidentally giving you a heart attack. Take Pablo, for example. The poor boy was just trying to enjoy a relaxing nap. Like, a REALLY relaxing nap.

Pablo was just resting after a hard day of being a dog when he started sliding down the couch, seemingly lifeless. His head eventually rested on the floor below him but that wasn't going to stop his deep sleep. Pablo's owner, on the other hand, was not given the memo that Rip Van Winkle temporarily inhabited his dog. And that's when panic set in.

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Proud mama ferret shows human her babies.

Sometimes you come across a video that's just too sweet not to share. That's the case with this one of a mama ferret that has recently given birth and wants nothing more than her owner to cuddle with her babies. At first it looks like she's coming over to her owner's hand for some pets but she soon starts gently trying to get the human fingers in her mouth to pull them. After a few tries, the ferret is successful and tugs the hand over to her box that looks to be filled with material but then tiny cries can be heard.

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