Guess How Many Animals Would Be Saved If You Joined Meatless Monday? Millions? Nope, Guess Again.

Meat is delicious. Like wait-in-line-for-four-hours-for-a-burger-while-eating-a-side-of-bacon delicious. But you can make a huge impact on the world by skipping it just one day a week. One day!

Double bonus: Meatless Mondays are the one day that you get to try all kinds of yummy veggie dishes (and eat ALL THE HUMMUS). And maybe it'll make you feel better. Because Mondays suck enough already.

24 hours of meat-free living can make a lot of change. So, what would happen if everyone skipped meat on Mondays? A few things...

1. It would help the environment.

2. It would save a lot of animals.

3. It's healthy.

The above statement was verified by our stellar fact-checkers, with more details found in this article. If you want to learn more about Meatless Monday before jumping on board, just check out the celebs and interesting info in this video: