You've never seen a video quite like hers.

But before you get to it, here's what makes her fascinating.

Viktoria Modesta is a talented, beautiful alternative pop artist. What makes her stand out?

She's bionic.

Her leg was damaged during birth, and she went through 15 surgeries attempting to correct it. At age 20, she had a voluntary leg amputation to improve her mobility. Did she let this stop her?

Nope, she feels empowered.

Like many girls, she dreamed of becoming a pop star and a model, but the door was closed to her. Her body type was rarely seen in the media.

The industry didn't make room for amputee artists.

Viktoria kicked that door down.

She performed for billions at the Paralympics and starred as the Snow Queen with Dancing on Ice, wearing a Swarovski prosthetic leg.

As a rising star, she's pushing limits and challenging mainstream media to rethink the norm.

She's redefining what's powerful and sexy.

Here's her one-of-a-kind music video below. Even if her European-style pop isn't your thing, the spike dance is super cool.

Some people refer to themselves as disabled and some don't; either choice is OK. But it's great to see people embrace what makes them different.

Some of us are born to be different. Embrace it.