Preach It, Mr. President

I love it when politicians talk to me like I'm a grown-up. Especially when they mention trickle-down fairy dust. At :50 he busts out a mind-blowing fact. At 1:20 it gets more baffling. At 1:48 he explains how Mitt Romney's plan affects you. At 2:30 he does some stand-up comedy.And at 2:55 he gets to the point. The really important point.

Preach It, Mr. President

You can read the analysis of Paul Ryan's plan that President Obama mentioned over at the Tax Policy Center.

Need a mood boost to help you sail through the weekend? Here are 10 moments that brought joy to our hearts and a smile to our faces this week. Enjoy!

1. How much does this sweet little boy adore his baby sister? So darn much.

Oh, to be loved with this much enthusiasm! The sheer adoration on his face. What a lucky little sister.

2. Teens raise thousands for their senior trip, then donate it to their community instead.

When it came time for Islesboro Central School's Class of 2021 to pick the destination for their senior class trip, the students began eyeing a trip to Greece or maybe even South Korea. But in the end, they decided to donate $5,000 they'd raised for the trip to help out their community members struggling in the wake of the pandemic instead.

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