Pharrell's 'Happy' in sign language is even better than the original.

Communication comes in different forms. In fact, these kids from a film camp for people who are deaf use American Sign Language (and some dance moves) to bring us their fun version of the hit song "Happy." I'm glad they shared this because now I'm going to be happy for the rest of the day.

via unsplash

Who do you want to be in ten years? Do you want to be someone who's more compassionate? More wealthy? Physically fit? Married? Less of a push-over? A better golfer? More spiritual?

Some of us who sincerely ask ourselves this question will be able to become the person they imagine while others will not. Why? According to scientific research, the difference between failure and success is the ability to create a clear vision of our future selves.

Those who achieve this vision are more likely to behave in ways that are conducive to reaching their goals.

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