No Wonder Third Party Candidates Can't Get Into The Debates — They Get Arrested Just For Showing Up

That'll teach her to have a dissenting opinion! Jill Stein is debating Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson right now in the first ever online presidential debate. Don't miss it!

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested last night after attempting to gain entrance to the second presidential debate at Hofstra University. Stein went to the debate site to protest the stranglehold The Commission on Presidential Debates (a consortium run by the Democratic and Republican parties) has held on the debates since the League of Women Voters renounced its affiliation in 1988 , citing efforts on the part of both parties to "perpetrate a fraud on the American voter" through "demands that they control the selection of questioners, the composition of the audience, hall access for the press and other issues." Looks like those predictions weren't too far off, huh?