Michelle Obama just paused her book tour to officiate this couple’s wedding.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images.

Well, you can add “officiating weddings” to the list of Michelle Obama’s seemingly endless talents.

The former First Lady is on a whirlwind tour promoting her new book and encouraging people to get out and vote in the 2017 midterm elections.

Yet, somehow she made time to return to her hometown of Chicago for the weekend to help officiate the wedding of her old pals, Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus.

According to a video of the ceremony, Obama stepped in to help the couple recite their vows, although the official wedding listing said it was performed by an ordained minister.


“That moment when Michelle Obama officiated at your (cousin’s) wedding!” attendee Tina said in a video post of the moment she shared on her Instagram page.

Now, before you get your hopes up that Michelle Obama is suddenly going to drop in unannounced and officiate your wedding, keep in mind that she has long standing ties to the happy couple. According to USA Today, Rivkin is the daughter of Chicago Deputy Mayor Robert S. Rivkin. And her mother, Penny Pritzker, served as a commerce secretary in the Obama White House.

When the COVID-19 pandemic socially distanced the world and pushed off the 2020 Olympics, we knew the games weren't going to be the same. The fact that they're even happening this year is a miracle, but without spectators and the usual hustle and bustle surrounding the events, it definitely feels different.

But it's not just the games themselves that have changed. The coverage of the Olympics has changed as well, including the unexpected addition of un-expert, uncensored commentary from comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Snoop Dogg on NBC's Peacock.

In the topsy-turvy world we're currently living in, it's both a refreshing and hilarious addition to the Olympic lineup.

Just watch this clip of them narrating an equestrian event. (Language warning if you've got kiddos nearby. The first video is bleeped, but the others aren't.)

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