What's it like growing up with LGBT parents? This kid has the best response.

growing up with two dads

I didn't know drag racing involved cars!

Families come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing unites us all: making fun of our parents.

Same goes for the "Rainbow Dads.” Their son delivers some of the best zingers, most sarcastic quips and all-round hilarious commentary about living with his two dads on their TikTok channel, which promises wholesome LGBT family content … and delivers big time.

One person asked “tell me you grew up with gay parents, without telling me you grew up with gay parents,” and boy was "Rainbow Son" ready.

In less than a minute he answered the age-old Madonna or Beyoncé question (it’s Beyoncé), he knew his LGBTs before his ABCs and he loves Papa even though Papa names all his wigs, which, for the record, is weird.

There are a few other gems in there, but it’s worth watching rather than reading to hear Rainbow Son’s amazing comedic timing. It’s pure gold.

People were so in love with the first video that they made a Part 2.

@rainbowdads Had to repost the part 2! Still need @cher to comment! #lgbt #tvshow #workfromhome #lgbtq ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Part 2 includes hits like “I didn’t know drag racing involved cars until I was 7,” “house music is a spiritual thing” and noting the undeniable power of Cher. Along with a spot-on Cher impression. I mean, when’s this kid taking his show on the road?

It’s not all sass however. The Rainbow Dads can also count on their son to cheer them on during a training session.

@rainbowdads I have the best son and trainer out there! #lgbt #lgbtq #spring #fitness #workout ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

LGBT parents gotta stay strong!

Or to celebrate Papa’s Day. Yes, it’s a thing.

@rainbowdads Papa’s Day is coming! I can’t wait! #family #lgbt #lgbtq #MaiselChallenge ♬ original sound - Big Forge

The Rainbow Dad fam previously went viral for celebrating another special day: their anniversary.

@rainbowdads I love my family! #lgbt #lgbtq #adayinmylife #beforeandafter #fyp ♬ I'M FEELING LUCKY - Ellen Once Again

It was a video created by their son, showing pictures from when they first met, getting married and eventually becoming papas. As the images roll through, we can hear “they taught me how to love, how to care, and taught me the importance of LGBT pride.”

Yeah, it’s pretty smile inducing. A well-deserved 2.5 million views.

And now the family uses TikTok to help others in the LGBT community.

@rainbowdads Love is Love and no one should be forced to stay silent about their family. Thanks to everyone that has helped! #familytime #lgbt #lgbtq #fyp ♬ Forever - Labrinth

In response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the Rainbow Dads and their son are doing a fundraiser to send LGBT books via an Amazon Wishlist. If you’d like to help donate, click here.

And if you’re still jonesing for Rainbow Dads antics, you can check out their videos here. This family knows how to fight for representation in style.


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