It's A Parent's Worst Nightmare. And A Kid's. Is Your Family Ready?

You've probably thought about what your family would do if a hurricane, earthquake, or proletariat uprising disrupted your life. Maybe you've imagined yourself huddled with your family in the bathtub, waiting for storm winds to calm. Or helping your kids shove clothes into a duffel bag as the Emergency Broadcast System warns you that "this is not a test." Or saving your babies from zombies with only your guts and a tire iron.But what if your family isn't holed up in the bomb shelter together? Save the Children estimates that in the United States, 68 million children are separated from their parents, in school or day care, every workday. Maybe it's time to stop the daydream, get with your kids, and make a plan for how you'd get back together.

So ... now what? Save the Children offers this great checklist for parents to help you get ready for whatever might come your way. Make sure your kids know the plan. And share this with their friends' parents, too. The more people take a couple of minutes to think about this, the safer everyone will be.